We can advise you on the merits and economics of pursuing a debt. We take debt recovery seriously and when suitable will pursue all legal avenues available to you irrespective of who owes you money. We will issue claims, undertake appropriate court appearances and advise of all aspects of debt recovery.

If your debtor is an individual we can advise and initiate bankruptcy proceedings. If your debtor is a company we can advise you of the steps to be undertaken to wind-up and liquidate a company.

We take a strategic approach to dispute resolution and discuss your options with the aim of protecting your interests in a cost effective manner.

Whether your company or you are being sued or are thinking of taking your dispute to court, talk with us first. We will provide a professional and honest assessment of likely outcomes to assist you in decision making.

We have assisted countless licensed builders and subcontractors pursue claims relating to outstanding monies.

We have successfully defended claims where complaints of faulty workmanship is given as reason for non-payment.

We have also assisted both owners of commercial building and homes and can help when you are being asked to pay for a job not well done.

Over the years Loretta Polson has developed positive relationships with engineers, architects, and building inspectors enabling her to bring them onto your team to assist in resolving a building dispute claim on your behalf.

The breakup of a business partnership can be more financially crippling than divorce. We can provide advice regarding the best exit strategy when your business relationship turns sour. We can assist with negotiations, mediations and if necessary can commence court action to ensure your legal rights are protected.


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