Whatever the nature of your business we can prepare and provide advice in respect of any contract or agreement. We can prepare contracts and advise you in respect of a variety of commercial matters such as joint business ventures, property development schemes, shareholder’s agreements, share farming agreements and employment agreements.

If you are planning to undertake a specific project with another party whether it be for the purposes of developing land or any other commercial enterprise you may require a Joint Venture Agreement which will set out the rights and obligations of each party to the Joint Venture. We can advise you on the appropriate structure for your commercial enterprise and prepare and advise on Joint Venture Agreements.

Your accountant may have suggested the establishment of a trust for business purposes. We can prepare Trust Deeds which may enable you to take advantage of any available tax concessions.

A partnership dispute can be more costly and emotionally draining than divorce. We can provide advice and prepare partnership agreements. We can assist in resolving partnership disputes and if court proceedings are necessary we will represent you and work towards a commercially prompt resolution of a partnership dispute.

A Shareholder Agreement will enable shareholders to set out guidelines regarding management of the affairs of the company and enable shareholders to regulate their relationship with each other. We can prepare a Shareholders Agreement for you and advise whether or not you should sign any Shareholder Agreement provided to you.

We assist with applications for and the transfer of liquor licences. We assist with variation of licence conditions and can provide assistance should you face any disciplinary action in association with your liquor licence.

Are your terms of trade comprehensive, relevant and up to date? Properly drafted terms of trade may assist in minimising disputes with suppliers or creditors.

We can review your terms of trade and ensure that they protect your interests and we can provide you and your staff with ongoing advice and assistance regarding debt control management.

We can advise you on the merits and economics of pursuing a debt. We take debt recovery seriously and when suitable will pursue all legal avenues available to you irrespective of who owes you money. We will issue claims, undertake appropriate court appearances and advise of all aspects of debt recovery.

If your debtor is an individual we can advise and initiate bankruptcy proceedings. If your debtor is a company we can advise you of the steps to be undertaken to wind-up and liquidate a company.

Preparing to buy or sell a business? Polson Legal will assist you with contact preparation to ensure compliance with legislative requirements and the protection of your interests.

We can provide advice necessary to assist you in establishing your own business or buy an existing business. We have the expertise to identify any potential pitfalls by undertaking necessary due diligence and assist you avoiding costly legal disputes.

Whether you are a sole trader, in partnership or a company director we can provide you with practical and timely business advice.


Entering into a franchise operation or buying a franchise business is a serious undertaking. We can provide advice about the franchise system you propose to enter. If you are selling a franchise we will work to ensure an efficient sale process.


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